Thursday, 31 May 2007

We got you, good!!

I considered writing about my trip to Spain, but so much happened in a short space of time. That I think I'll do it in picture.


My face says it all really!! Somewhere over the channel My friends! Sofia - My newest Friend


David and Aran - It's beach day!! Monica and Me, look at the sand, sun and sea. The water was bloody cold!! Bego - looking like she belongs in Spain's 3rd largest city

Katie and Habi - Habi speaks French, English and Spanish!!
Maribel and Pedro and Rake and Sofi


Monica in her red dress, where did I find her!! Us, looking like we belong in Spain's 3rd largest citySpanish beer - keeps you young!

You could be in Cuba

Monica could of done with a step to help her reach the big candle

Monica's mother and boyfriend


The smallest Spanish dog - who's poo I stood in twice. Sadly not house trained!! And if you have made it this far: Read on.

''As we left the house, Monica's mother sprayed water onto the front wind-screen. I watched as the last drops raced down the window - it was almost as if the city was crying a final tear for it's absent daughter. We were whisked was towards the air port, away from friends and family and that feeling of belonging that we have when we are in Valencia city. It's funny the mind set people get into - me for instance instead of saying 'goodbye' to my friends. I find myself saying ''see you next time''. It's not intentional ''bye'' would be a far better word to use, but then ''see you later'' is actually, I suppose true. ''bye'' seems so final.''

Last of all I would like to thank, Aran, David, Bego, Rake, the lady with the baby, Katie, Habi, Maribel, Pedro and of course Monica - thanks for a lovely time and see you all soon.


Monica said...

Sam!! You know.. I almost cried! and Im at work! How can you be so... lovely!!!!!
Love u!


Aran said...

Sam, is the first time I read your blog, I had no idea you were writing one.
I only have to say that you can't imagine how well I felt with your last hug, I really needed one in this time. Thank u for that and thank u for loking for my sister.

Rake said...

Ooooh Sam!! You´re lovely!! haha!! This post is so nice!! It was a great surprise! ;)

By the way, last night I had a dream about you, Monica, Bego and me in a kind of hounted house, with a treassure!! haha!!

Bego said...

Sam! Lovely post :):) thank you very much for your words. I've lved the pics and its comments ;)
I hope to see you soon :) xxxxxx

David-freedman-spain said...

Hi sam!!