Tuesday, 15 May 2007

To all my friends

When life throws up it's little surprises, we can always rely on our friends to pick us back up again.

As we students rush to finish all our work and begin to look forward to summer, it's easy to forget that real life does go on. People in the real world they achieve, they fail, they hurt, they get sick and better again, they fall out and make up, they get married, they have children. This rose is for all my friends both student and non-student. Just keeping going no matter what. :)

Monica,Beggo,Rake,Bex,Holly,Mike,Aran,Mama,John,Jess,Job,Hayley,Katie and others what would I do without you all!!



Rake said...

I like your blog!! And your post is very nice!! ^^
Thank you guapo!

Bego said...

Sam you are SO nice, wise and good...
I can only say thank you to the day you and Moni got together :)
Is fantastic to have you in my life.

Monica said...

ohhhh, I am glad I am your friend! I couldnt live without you!