Monday, 4 June 2007

Exam time

Okay, Exams start today - one today, one on Thursday and one on Friday - then roll on the summer!! Why not really because I got to work. But it will mean I can get some caving done, providing I can pull myself away from RuneScape for long enough. I also have a Spanish Course to do and have promised myself I'll do around 3 hours a week.
Anyway a lot of people have exams at this time of year so GOOD LUCK.


Bego said...

good luck Sam!! I'm sure you'll do your best and it will be ok.
And the spanish course is waiting for youuuuuuu ;P

Monica said...

Good luck! You'll be fine :-p

Rake said...

Good luck Sam!! We have to pass them all to have the best summer!! ;)
You´ll be fine!! Spanish course?? mmmm that sounds good!

Aran said...

Good luck Sam, or in italian, 'In bocca al lupo' (in the mouth of the wolf)!! jiji