Friday, 27 June 2008


A nervous energy collected around the house a few days before the move . We spent the week saying goodbye to people. It started with a pub lunch with Monica´s Spanish friends, the few that are left in Somerset that is. Two of my friends, N & K came as well. The whole meal was painfully slow for N&K not being used to the relaxed spanish way of eating.

Next I went to Cheddar to say goodbye to the few people who are still there - fighting the good fight. I started with my good friend JH, our friendship has grown over the last few years, however I´m sure that he might argue, its only grown since I´ve had something interesting to say.

On Thursday all our boxs went, all 7, 7 boxs for 26 years. I suppose that starting a new life means getting rid of all the clutter which is fine. So now we are just sitting on our thumbs. As Monica put it, we have nothing to do here and so much to do in Moncada. On Thursday we checked the requirements for the cat to travel. We are both very worried about the transport, and driving from BCN to VLC with the cat. I guess that is our cross to bare. I´m meeting another good friend today and my long term caving partner. By far the most emotional, probaly because we have done so much together. Still these friends are keepers.

And thats it I had three friends to say goodbye to. Today is Friday and the fridge needs turning off and the food removed and then we will probaly sit down and relax. I´ll post the next time I have an internet connection and tell you about the move and journey. 22:39hrs tomorow we will still be on the road, heading towards Valencia. But I´ll be Spain.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

This time of year

So at about this time of year I starting thinking about my birthday and a list of presents that I would like. My friends often ask me, what can we get you for your birthday.

So here is an idea for one of my friends. Bego, what I would like from you, might very well change my world. Its something I need more then anything else in the world and it would make me so happy if I got it for my birthday. It's something so simple and not at all expensive, but I need it more then anything else. If you got this thing for me, I would be your best friend for ever. What is it?

Well socks of course. I seem to have no socks, the sock fairy keeps on stealing them. Maybe it will be better when I have my own washing machine, but for now I have to make two pairs last a week. I spend a lot of time at home in bare feet with freezing feet. I'm not picky, any type of socks will do. Not white please, I don't like white socks and no trainer socks, good proper ankle length socks would be great.