Saturday, 12 May 2007

Grant Awarded

I'm sure if you have had anything to do with students, you know about the yearly dissertation that occurs. Most students seem to look on this as a horror and try and do everything to get out of actually doing work.

I decided that I would try and do something that has never been done before, at least not at Bath Spa. I decided to use my caving knowledge and weather knowledge and will sent out to forecast the weather by internal cave pressures. I've not really got the time right now to talk about how cave pressure effects weather. The main point of the post is to tell you that today I was awarded a grant to carry out the work, it can be uncommon for undergraduates to secure funding, I applied to the British Cave Research association to obtain the grant, and there are some conditions attached which will come to light later, I'll discuss these at another time.

But for know everything is firing on all cylinders.


Monica said...

Congratulation for your grant.
Sorry I cant say the same for Eurovision, hahahaahahahhahaha!


Bego said...

I'm not very sure ... I think I didn't understood very well the meaning of what you're telling but it sounds good; so I will ask moni for more details
Congratulations anyway!!