Friday, 18 May 2007

Look who's doing the washing-up now

I went to the hospital today, because I hit my elbow caving on Wednesday night. The whole elbow is covered in a huge bruise!! They took one look at it and sent me to X-Ray.

When the X-ray came back, it turned out that Ive not broken anything, or chipped anything. This amazed the doctor somewhat as she was sure I would of at least chipped the bone. They gave a sling and told me to rest and take lots of painkillers. If its not right in a week I have to go back.

However it does get me out of doing the washing up, should of hit the wall harder!! :)When I'm feeling up to it, Ill give the full story.


Monica said...

maybe you can wash up with your feet! hahaahahhaha
I will have to do it like always :-p

Bego said...

Say the truth! you were looking for a good excuse to gine Monica more work to do.
You lazybones!!

lots of kisses to both of you... I'm having hard days but I can't speak of it.

Rake said...

hahaha!! So your better than before, now Moni has to do the washing up always!!
mmmmm, I love hospitals!! I want to read the whole story with all the details! xDD

Ownah said...

Good post.