Tuesday, 29 July 2008

An up setting incident

Customer Service: The element that all company pride themselves on, that which can make or break the company profile. So why are the Spanish so bad at it, why can't companies and organisations, who frankly are here to serve the customer, the people who pay good money for their services be so intolerable of there own country folk and others.
I mean the 'elbow rule' I can get used to and am actually getting quite good at it. But people being rude, not good. Twice in two days I have been on the recieving end of bad Spanish Customer Service, the first one I put down to 'being lost in translation' which is kind of odd because I managed to order my breakfast this morning which consistered of me speaking 7 words, when yesterday I only had to speak 2. Me thinks maybe some people should open their ears and close there Fu***** mouths.
And today, we went to a well unknown shopping chain to do our weekly shopping and to look at buying me a push bike. The man, who was meant to be a bike techican was so rude, when asked if he knew anything about bikes he said no, when asked which bike was better he said the cheapest, he asked us if we could get the bike down from its stand, which we didnt, when is it my job to do his job, he didnt like that very much and told Monica, not to worry as he didnt want me losing my 'rings' he said if he spoke English he would tell me himself. SO now we are getting to it, its because I'm English and I'm living in your country
Therefore I'm no better then the shit on your shoes, well you know what buddy, you can stick your bike right up your pig latin, dog shit smelling, noisey bastards, bad driving, Bull killing, rice eating ass.

Edited now that I have calmed down