Sunday, 13 May 2007

She's feeding me fruit!!

I seem to be eating more then ever and most of it is fruit and veg, my stomach is...up-set to say the least.

Anyway, I have a meeting with my personnel tutor tomorrow, and I'm going to bring up the grant subject with him. The grant organisation has asked that I join there organisation, that's gonna cost me £30.00 and I think the reason being is so that they can claim rights to the data and information and any conclusions that the study finds. All I want to do is get my dissertation done, I'm not worried about publishing the results or going to conferences to discuss it. I kinda feel I am in over my head

Is kind of how I feel. My other concern is that dissertations is one of 4 other heavy modules that I will take next year. We went to see a cattery today, of course you have probably not met my little kitten Tusca:

I don't think I 'really' loved an animal until Tusca came along, she's a year old now. Of course getting her meant that if we ever went away one of us would have to stay. In September I'm hoping to go to Spain, mainly to see my friends but also to have a holiday and it's gonna at least be a week and I don't want to put that responsibility on my parents, so we went to cattery it was a nice place. Each cat gets it's own house, they feed them, cuddle them and provide nice warm bedding, I would certainly leave Kitten Tusca there in the future.


Monica said...

Fruit is good for you :-p

Baby Tusca is cute!

Bego said...

Tuska is just lovely!!