Monday, 10 December 2007


I have a problem with Facebook, you see its a social site and I'm not very social. The amount of rubbish that people were sending me was getting out of control, so I posted a message telling people to stop wasting my time. And it worked.

Every time I log into Facebook, this would happen.

So and so wants to hug you, so and so whats to be your friend, so and so whats to tell you that a virus is loose on facebook and if you open the e-mail the world will end, so and so wants you to drive there car, so and so has sent you a plant, Christmas tree, snow globe, fish tank...., so and so has sent you more useless crap then you know what to do with.

ENOUGH! STOP! I CAN'T TAKE THE HAPPINESS ANYMORE! The problem is that some mindless idiot sends this person something and they add a new application, but rather then pressing the skip button they send an invite to all of there so called friends. Think before you click!

I mean how many people on your friends list can you actually class as friends, by friends I mean the people who you really want in your life, those that you do, or have trusted your own life with....lets see I think 9 out of a possible 26, one of them is my mother and another my sister and the rest are real friends, but the other 17 who knows.

Of course what it comes down to is this:

"Facebook is currently experiencing technical difficulties."
Dam right it is, my boot up its ass!