Saturday, 12 January 2008

JLM Gruop Inmobiliari - probaly the worst estate agent in the world

JLM - The worst estate agent in the world!There is a little known law in Valencia, called zone urbanisation local Valencia, which means that the local council can, if they wish raise a compulsory purchase order on your land and your house, they are the right to take the land away from you to enable them to build roads, railways, bridges, parks, sub-ways or just green space. Under this act the council does not and won't pay the land owner any compensation for the homeowners loss. It's like sitting on a ticking time bomb, the land under your feet, the land that you bought with the house does not belong to you.
How heart breaking is that! JLM didn't want to tell us that the land was classed under the act, as luck would have it, somebody was on the ball and asked the right question at the right time which saved us much heartache. Thanks for that Aran! Now we have an extension to our 30 day contract in order for the agency to recover the deposit that has already been paid to the house owner. The house as perfect, more or less but it could never be our house.

So what now, well the search continues, there are many houses within Valencia that don't fall under this act, some are at the right price. So we have contacted an English agent in Valencia, why English quite simply I have more time to chase these people when they speak the same language. With an English agent both myself and the agent can be frank and Monica can be Monica.


Bego said...

Hope now everything is going to go better
I keep my fingers crossed...

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