Saturday, 5 January 2008


After reading my last couple of posts, Monica commented on how well I write. Write a book she shouted out loud, write a book for me she continued. Write a book about what, writers need to have experienced something in order to write about it, plus I hate people being critical about my work...of course another consideration is that I just don't have the time maybe one day, when I'm done-roaming I will.
But it got me thinking about words, somebody once said, and I don't know who that the pen was mightier then the sword, does that make the written or spoken word more mightier then the bullet. Certainly if you look in the UK law then the charges of Libel (written) and Slander (spoken) are very important, actual laws that can carry a jail term, for just saying something about somebody.
Lying in bed last night, I was thinking about see the thing is, words can build people up, words can reassure, words can bring joy and happiness, words can make your world collapses around you, words can be taken the wrong way, words can be taken seriously or not so seriously, words can hurt, words can't be taken back once side they stay out there. Words in the long run can come back and haunt you either in a good sense or a bad.
I have spent the last two years writing words, words that are useless and mean nothing to nobody. When I look behind me, I see darkness, in front and to either side. There is light at the end but I need to get many more words before I can escape, its an exercises in increasing ones vocab to be able to find the right word at the right time. Discourse is an interesting subject, the type of language one uses in different settings.
That's it.


Monica said...

I still think you should write a book!


Bego said...

And you didn's say anithing about words that are bad-spoken or bad-written but are direct from the heart and is then when you understand the real meaning...

Aaaaand! yous till have to lear quite a lot of palabras (spanish words!)