Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Some times

Some times in life, you come across somthing, that makes you stand back and say WOW. I had one of these moments today. Today was my first day back at university and as often is the case I went into the shop to get a drink, I paid with a five pound note and was given change, which went into my pocket with out being checked. When I got home later I empited my pockets and saw this.

Now what your looking at is a normal one pound coin with a pink sticker stuck to it, the pink sticker says. "WS1 Valentines Burlesque Ball, 14 feb, www.ws1nightclub.co.uk." so I typed the web address into my brower, thinking maybe it was a night club in Bath...as it turns out, it came from a nightclub in a place caled Walsall which is close to Birmingham in the Midlands. The link below shows the location of Bath and Walsall


How amazing to think that this coin travelled so far in a short space of time. I e-mailed the night club telling them I had found there coin and asked if maybe I had won something!! What a great way to advertise!!


Bego said...

Lucky boy!

(Now: Monica take care, maybe the prize is a night on his own in the night club!! )

Sustillo said...

I am reading your blog!
Where are you from? Where do you live?
I am from Spain, but now I am living in Edinburgh for a month!

Aran said...

Wow, the faster coin I've never meet!
I sometimes think why this class of things happen. There is a reason for you to find this coin???

PD: I miss u 2 :(