Sunday, 28 June 2009

Mountain degrees

Okay, kind of bad of me not to update my blog. But then the more I settle in, the less things seem to surprise me and hence the less I blog. Anyway I wanted to share what happened to me today.

After getting burnt on the beach yesterday we decided to take a drive up into the mountains. I was very surprised to see the temperature actually rise as we got higher. When we arrived at the top it was 40 degrees! Just like to point out that we drove up the mountain not walked!!
Anyway on the way up, we had to cross some pretty nasty ground, and we met two cars coming the other way, one of which had got a flat tyre. 700 metres up, in the middle of no where and he has a flat tyre. They asked if they could use my tire iron, which of course I let them. But my tire iron didn't fit. In the end the other car went back into town to try and find something to help. But it got me thinking, about the type of equipment that you should put in your car, if you intend to drive into the mountains.

For instance, we had our lunch on board, 1 bottle of water, I had also decided to put in my long trousers, even so I didn't use them. So here is summer list.
  1. Water - more then one bottle
  2. tire jack, spare tire, warning triangle, spare bulbs
  3. Tow rope - I don't have.
  4. Sun tan lotion
  5. First aid kit - I carry a very small one in the car, but I should really up-date it.
  6. Pair of trousers and warmer top - just in case.
  7. I suppose I could add a spade to the list, just in case you get stuck in sand.
  8. Knife and lighter. I care lighter but not a knife.

Maybe I'll stick some pictures up, when I've downloaded them from the camera. If anybody can think of anything else, please comment.


Bego said...

mobile phone
someone to spend a lot of time with


Anonymous said...

Mobile phone in the mountains?? Would it work? Sam.