Sunday, 10 August 2008

Ever wondered

I've often wondered why Spainish people walk so slowly. Now I think I have the answer, it's all do to with time and space. You see when a bunch of Spanish people start walking, they drop out of rotation with normal time and space, so for a fraction of a second they are actually going backwards.

When the time and space 'globe' as gone full circle it picks them back up again and they gain forward movment. This happens everytime they change direction, everytime they walk around a corner or everytime they cross the road.

Of course I know the real reason, it's all about living la vida loca. Taking time over speaking, walking, eating and anyway when it's 40 degrees outside who wants to rush anyway/. But some times, like when you need to get the best seat for the fire bull, some times speed is important.

So my friends, a picture for you. I'm sure you will recognise this, because you are all this!


Monica said...

jajajajajaja, I think maybe is because you are too fast, speedy gonzalez from now on is your name!
l u


Bego said...

I agree with Monica! is not that we are slow is just that you are very fast!!! ;)