Tuesday, 3 June 2008

This time of year

So at about this time of year I starting thinking about my birthday and a list of presents that I would like. My friends often ask me, what can we get you for your birthday.

So here is an idea for one of my friends. Bego, what I would like from you, might very well change my world. Its something I need more then anything else in the world and it would make me so happy if I got it for my birthday. It's something so simple and not at all expensive, but I need it more then anything else. If you got this thing for me, I would be your best friend for ever. What is it?

Well socks of course. I seem to have no socks, the sock fairy keeps on stealing them. Maybe it will be better when I have my own washing machine, but for now I have to make two pairs last a week. I spend a lot of time at home in bare feet with freezing feet. I'm not picky, any type of socks will do. Not white please, I don't like white socks and no trainer socks, good proper ankle length socks would be great.



Bego said...

The best is... I'm sure you aren't kidding!!

Well, I'll see what can I do about that...
Spanish socks will do?


Anonymous said...

No Bego, you have to come to the UK to get the socks. The Spanish, nice people not much up stairs!


Rake said...

So... Don´t you want a T-shirt and a game again?? haha!!

Anonymous said...

I'm always glad of T-shirts, but I don't think I'll have time to play games. See you both soon!!