Saturday, 19 April 2008

In a quiet place

I'm in a quiet place regarding work at the moment, just waiting for the next set of date line, so had plenty of time to surf the net looking for geography related stuff...and boy did I find it. I decided to write a list of Geographies, just for fun.
Guerrilla Geography
Deep topography
Historical Geography
Development Geography
Coastal Geography
Culture Geography
Gender Geography
Fenismist Geography
Regional Geography
Urban Geography
Geography of Disease
This is a mixture of both Physical and Human Geography and the list has not ended yet, there is more. I just got to find them. The first three are aspects that I've not come across, stuff they don't teach you at uni. For instance the second one in, a group calling themselves Guerrilla Geographers, there mandate is to force geography done peoples throats, at first this worried me, Geography, when related to your primary bread winner, rather then a passing interest, should not be forced onto people. Its the fear of whats new, but after so more reading I started to see what they were trying to say.
Being a physical Geographer, science has and always will hold the answers for me, but even the most up-tight science head has place for a little bit of slack jaw human rubbish. I've spent the last three years running from Human Geography because in my eyes it can't provide the answers. I was asked the other day what type of Geography I like, or what type of Geographer I was and I think I'm a regional geographer, a friend has spent the last three years not taking sides, he calls it sitting on the Geographical fence, but Regional Geography does just that, it sits on the fence bringing out the best of science and not science, ie Human Geography. The regional paradigm fell apart in the early 80's I think, being replaced with the current definition of Geography as place and space, regional geography is place and space.
Geography is an important and large subject, anything remotely geographical that can not be pigeoned holed into either science or social science is geography.
I'm in a quiet place so I'm gonna join the mass movement, Geography must be retained. Not shortened to Geog but proudly stated Geography because at the end of the day it makes sense.


Anonymous said...

I agree, you are passionate with geography, and that will show in a few weeks!!!

PS. You are a very sexy geographer!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like to think of myself as a neo-culture-geographer! you can make over 1056 combinations with your cool list, haha.

Sam said...

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