Friday, 31 August 2007

So the end has come, lets face the final curtain

Yep, that's it I've finished. 31st of August the season finishes and so do I. So how did I feel driving away from Cheddar.
Well...Sad actually. You see despite the way the place is run, the managers on the floor are great, they take a group of fast living, fast talking, fast drinking guides and direct them so the best comes out. And there best is good, you see the caves are an attraction as are the cliffs but it's the guiding staff that make it all.
Despite what the mystery shopper say the 1,600 customers we feed, water and entertain each day over the 3 months of summer are glad we are there. And I use the term 'we' because after working the summer, there really is no 'I' in team, thanks for that Rox!
We had our high points, we had a low points but we came out the other side a-okay. One of the high lights was when a bird of prey dropped a head-less pigeon right next to a guy who just brought an ice cream. I was off that day, but it would of been funny to watch. Another high light is when a member of staff tried to turn out company car into a water borne vehicle which meant the engine blow up. The down side, well this time there was no down-side, providing you don't count the abusive customers and the comments you have heard a thousand times.
Here's to you guys at Cheddar, have a drink on me and enjoy your winter!!


Monica said...

Oh! You will miss Cheddar! But you will be back!
Nice post!

Bego said...

Nice post!!
Why haven't I seen that pigeon thing and that car thing??? I'm sure it was funny, but actually I've got enough fun in the Cafe Bar, and you the guides miss the most of it!
So... was it sad then?
You'll be fine!!