Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Look, see, they really are everywhere

This is a photo that I took in Combe Martin in Devon, it's Monica's shop.
Sadly I had the rubbish camera with the bad zoom, but this little yellow boat is also called Monica. Docked in a small harbour in Combe Martin.

This is the small Harbour in Combe Martin, Devon. This is where the little yellow boat was anchored.

This is the North Alantic crashing aganist the Devon coast line and also the view from the Devon coast towards Canda and Ireland.

And this is what happens when a storm hits a small tent. The wing on the right side is being blowen out by the wind as the photo was being taken. The radio had warned of bad weather and it was.


Rake said...

The photos are very nice!! And all belongs to Monica! jaja!
See you soon! ;)

Monica said...

Yes, it was my shop, my boat and my town!!!!

Aran said...

Monica's town!!! I want to have a town too!! Has monica told you that we have a lake and a castle in Spain? ALARCON is their name.